Turn-key wastewater systems for wineries

nrPUR Membrane Filtration System

 Compact & efficient treatment of winery wastewater

A pre-assembled and factory-tested permeate platform with integrated automation, permeate pumps, air scour blowers and instrumentation

UF membranes act as a physical barrier to any solids larger than 0.1 micron, ensuring the highest quality treated water for discharge or reuse

nrPUR platform seamlessly integrates into advanced biological treatment processes

Typical System Results:

BOD5: < 5 mg/l

TSS: < 5 mg/l

TN: < 5 mg/l

TP: < 0.5 mg/l

Treated water suitable for reuse or discharge

Ready to reduce OPEX and environmental costs?



Compact & effective turn-key systems

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