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Industrial sites both urban and rural are increasingly under pressure to improve the quality of their process effluents. Whether the pressure is external to achieve discharge quality targets or internal to achieve OPEX reduction and Environmental Stewardships Targets (e.g. onsite reuse, etc), Enereau has a portfolio of wastewater treatment solutions to achieve the site's objective. Some of these projects include craft beverage producers such as breweries, wineries, cideries dairy and other food producers. With our breadth of experience assisting light industrial sites ranging from pre-treatment to remove total suspended solids and adjust pH to full scale treatment to reach internal reuse targets, we can design and deliver the decentralized wastewater system to meet your site's requirements. Relevant applications include:


pH Pre-Treatment For Craft Breweries
Grey Water System to target Water Reuse
Membranes in a Craft Brewery Membrane Bioreactor

Pre-treatment system for a national beverage producer to achieve municipal pH targets

Grey water recycling system for a multi-national FMCG company to increase the onsite water reuse targets

Full-scale wastewater treatment of a regional Craft Brewery to achieve onsite discharge requirements an avoid costly hauling fees

Lowering the cost of onsite wastewater treatment for Food & Beverage and other Industrial producers

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment System for Wineries
Wastewater Treatment System, MBR for Wineries

Pictured above: On-site wastewater treatment for high strength wastewater (Craft brewery, winery, etc.)

Craft Brewery Wastewater Treatment
pH Adjustment System for Craft Breweries and Wineries
Treated Effluent after MBR Wastewater Treatment System

Typical System Results:

BOD5: < 5 mg/l

TSS: < 5 mg/l

TN: < 5 mg/l

TP: < 5 mg/l

Treated water suitable for reuse or discharge

Pictured Above: MBR mixed liquor (left) vs Treated effluent (right)

Click here to read more about the Enereau nrPUR High Strength Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

Ready to reduce OPEX and environmental costs?


Eliminate your discharge fees

Reduce or eliminate your discharge fees with Enereau's nrPUR    technology for the low energy treatment of high strength organic wastewater


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