Low energy treatment of organic wastewater

Modular wastewater solutions for applications ranging from 1,000 GPD (4m3/d) to 100,000 GPD (400 m3/d). 


Low energy/ OPEX

Fast reduction of TSS, COD/ BOD and micro pollutant levels

Simple & easy to use

Compact / small footprint

The nrPUR platform is a low-energy, self-cleaning ultrafiltration (UF) system for the treatment of low- to high-strength wastewater to high-quality discharge or reuse standards. The technology is highly flexible and suitable for both domestic and industrial wastewater, from a wide range of applications that include hotels & resorts, small communities, craft breweries, wineries, dairy processing, distilleries and other organic wastewater. Configured around a series of modular process building blocks, nrPUR easily integrates into advanced biological treatment systems (i.e. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), MBBR, MABR, etc) to provide effective TSS & BOD5 reduction of >95% on wastewater streams from 300 mg/L to 10,000 mg/L, producing safe, reuse-quality water. When combined with our advanced polishing technologies the nrPUR system can treat trace micro pollutants (e.g. Phosphorus, Ammonia, etc) to safe discharge levels.

The nrPUR UF membrane racks are submerged in the water to be treated and connected to the permeate extraction system, either with pumps or by gravity flow.  All suspended solids and micro-organisms larger than the membrane pore size, typically less than 0.05µm in size, will be rejected by the membranes and only clean, solids-free water will be discharged as permeate. The permeate can then be discharged, or sent for reuse or further polishing steps.

On a continuous basis, air is bubbled from a grid of diffusers installed at the base of the nrPUR racks, acting as a scouring mechanism to reduce the potential for biofouling on the surface of the membrane and to enhance the mixing of the biomass within the membrane tank.

A fully automated system, the nrPUR platform is designed to provide many years of reliable, effective and affordable treatment of water & wastewater.

nrPUR easily integrates into advanced wastewater treatment processes to produce the highest quality of reuse water

Modular wastewater solutions for applications ranging from 1,000-100,000 GDP

Typical System Results:

BOD5: < 5 mg/l

TSS: < 5 mg/l

TN: < 5 mg/l

TP: < 0.5 mg/l

Treated water suitable for reuse or discharge

UF membranes act as a physical barrier to suspended solids and micro-organisms

Flexible & modular design functionality that can easily scale with your application

Effective treatment for low to high strength organic wastewater