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Scalable solutions that can grow with your project

Turn-key wastewater solutions that scale with your
Land Development project

A challenge facing many land development projects is the availability of adequate wastewater infrastructure in the required locations or within a reasonable timeframe. With applications ranging from Residential & Commercial Development projects to Hotels & Resorts and Remote Work Camps, Enereau is an experienced provider of cost-effective, modular, decentralized solutions that are designed to grow with your project requirements.

Designed uniquely for Land Development applications, the Enereau nrPUR    Membrane BioReactor (MBR) platform is a fully standardized and modular MBR solution tailored for this specific market.  Leveraging Enereau’s deep-domain, global experience on an extensive range of successful wastewater projects, our advanced treatment platforms combine the highest quality components with the best available process expertise to provide our clients with the most robust, reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions. Click here to learn more.


Capable of treating sanitary wastewater streams to consistently safe and dependable reuse or discharge quality, Enereau’s nrPUR    MBR platform offers best-in-class treatment at the most affordable cost of implementation and operation.



Wastewater Treatment System for Domestic Wastewater
Membranes in Membrane Bioreactor

Compact footprint

Skid mounted for ease of installation 

Housing Development

Housing Developments

Image by Edvin Johansson

& Resorts

Commercial Building Exterior

& Leisure


RV Parks

Work Camp.jpg

Work Camps

Decentralized Wastewater System - Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

nrPUR     Decentralized Wastewater Treatment


Modular - Designed around flexible process modules that can be arranged to fit any site's space or growth requirements

Compact - nrPUR    MBR systems are 1/3 the size of conventional systems


High Quality Effluent - Suitable for reuse or discharge directly to the environment

Pictured Above: 10,000 USgpd (40m3/d) Membrane BioReactor MBR with inground tankage

Typical System Results:

BOD5: < 5 mg/l

TSS: < 5 mg/l

TN: < 5 mg/l

TP: < 0.5 mg/l

Treated water suitable for reuse or discharge

Wastewater Treatment Effluent

Pictured Above: MBR mixed liquor (left) vs Treated effluent (right)

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