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Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Size: 25,000 GPD (100 m3/d)

Domestic/Sanitary Wastewater - Land Development

In 2017, Hurricane Irma devasted a large portion of the Caribbean. The island of Tortola was no exception and suffered serious destruction, including one of its iconic resorts on the north shore of the island. In 2018, Enereau was tasked by the new owners to develop a wastewater solution that could be installed quickly and fulfil the immediate and long-term objectives of the property. Enereau designed and supplied its turn-key “Plug ‘n Play” nrPUR      Membrane BioReactor for the application. The system was designed around prefabricated modules which allowed the plant to be shipped to site in two shipping containers and assembled by the hotel maintenance crew without the need for specialized trades. Located less than 100 yards (100m) from the coast, the system utilized non-metallic (FRP) and corrosion resistant (SS316) materials to ensure the longevity of the system. The system utilized Enereau’s Silo BioReactors to maximize oxygen transfer and minimize energy consumption. The compact system fit easily within the footprint of the previous wastewater plant, with room for future growth, and could be blended in with the site design. The existing onsite tankage was repurposed to minimize CAPEX. By converting the damaged conventional wastewater treatment plant to an advanced MBR the property was able to quickly bring their infrastructure back online and generate a continual source of reuse water.

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment System for Sanitary/Domestic wastwater- Land Development



Location: St. Kitts, St. Kitts & Nevis

Size: 40,000 GPD (150 m3/d)

Domestic/Sanitary Wastewater - Land Development

A Medical University on the island of St. Kitts was expanding and had outgrown its onsite wastewater plant. The existing onsite Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plant was over capacity and unable to achieve the site discharge targets. The school had the objective to increase capacity and improve discharge quality to reuse standards all within the existing footprint. To achieve this goal, the Enereau nrPUR     membrane filtration module was selected as part of an upgrade package to the existing SBR wastewater treatment plant. By adding the Enereau UF membrane filtration module, the University was able to convert their existing wastewater treatment plant to a Membrane BioReactor (MBR). By repurposing the existing onsite tankage and upgrading the process to an efficient Enereau nrPUR     MBR configuration, the University was able to reduce CAPEX and construction time, improve effluent discharge to reuse quality levels while keeping the new facility within the existing footprint. 

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment System for Wineries

Location: Ontario, Canada

Size: 1,000 GPD (4 m3/d)

Industrial Wastewater - Food & Beverage

A winery on the shores of Lake Erie, in Ontario, Canada, was expanding both its production and hospitality operations. The existing wastewater management, a combination of onsite septic treatment and high strength hauling, was creating a bottle-neck for growth. Enereau’s solution was to supply a complete turn-key Membrane BioReactor (MBR) and reuse the existing holding tank as Equalization to reduce CAPEX and installation costs. The Enereau MBR utilized cylindrical FRP tanks for both the BioReactor and Membrane tank to provide a cost effective and long lasting solution. An automatic pH control system was integrated with the existing holding tank to provide the ability to not only balance variations in flow but also ensure that the influent wastewater was kept at a consistent pH to optimize the biological process. The compact unit was able to be housed in 12 x 12 shed which blended into the existing site architecture. By processing the wastewater onsite the winery could eliminate the existing hauling costs and avoid expanding its onsite septic, saving money and productive land. The high quality effluent has the potential for reuse at the facility as irrigation water or process rinse water.

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment System for Craft Brewery


Location: Adirondacks, NY, USA

Size: 10,000 GPD (40 m3/d)

Industrial Wastewater - Food & Beverage

A brewery in the Adirondack region of New York State decided to expand their successful regional craft brewery by acquiring land in a former amusement park to build a greenfield, state-of-the-art facility. The brewery needed to achieve tight discharge targets in order to obtain their construction permit from the New York State Department for Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). After discussions with state regulators and the client's engineering consultants, the nrPUR     Membrane BioReactor (MBR) was selected. With site construction already underway, Enereau designed a system that could be combined with the client’s own in-ground tankage. Above the tanks, a Membrane Filtration Module, pH Control Module and System Controller were installed. As wastewater levels increase in the below ground BioReactor tanks, the Membrane Filtration Module extracts the liquid fraction of the treated wastewater and discharges a clean permeate to the environment.

Location: Antigua, Carribean

Size: >3,000 USgpd / (12m3/d)

Domestic/Sanitary Wastewater - Land Development

A luxury residential development in Antigua was looking for a compact wastewater treatment system that could process both the grey and black water produced from the surrounding villas. The project designer was tasked with identifying a solution that could be concealed in an existing below ground concrete structure and also treat the wastewater to reuse quality. The Enereau nrPUR  Membrane BioReactor (MBR) was selected for the project. The prefabricated skid mounted unit was shipped to Antigua and installed in a matter of days by the site team. The system can treat >3,000 USgpd (12 m3/d) of wastewater to a reuse level suitable for use onsite as irrigation and cooling water for the site HVAC system.


Membrane BioReactor for Domestic/Sanitary Wastewater- Land Development
UF Greywater Treatment System


Location: Chicago, Il, USA

Size: 2,000 GPD (10 m3/d)

Industrial Greywater - Food & Beverage

A major condiments and sauces producer in the US Mid-West was looking for a solution to recover surface runoff water for reuse in the facility. Rainwater was intercepted from various points on the site and collected in a central holding tank. Owing to the diverse set of collection points, contamination of the rainwater was identified as a risk which prevented onsite reuse. Enereau's solution to this water reuse problem was to supply a skid-mounted, pressurized Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system -

nrPUR     TF. The skid-mounted unit was integrated with the existing onsite holding tank which, under level control, would transfer the collected surface water for treatment. The water is first pre-treated with a fine screen to remove grit and hard particles before being filtered through the pressurized UF membrane module. An automated CIP process minimizes the need for operator attention and increases the operating life of the membranes. After treatment, the water is redirected for non-potable, reuse applications in the facility.

A listed, heritage site in the UK was selected as the location for a new destination craft brewery. The ambitious project envisioned the conversion of an 11th century Abbey farm into a modern brewery that maintained the experience of the existing structure. Enereau was tasked with supplying a compact and expandable system which could be located within one of the site’s existing "out buildings" - a black barn from the Middle Ages. The original plan for an artificial wetland was discarded owing to the cost, footprint and inability to handle the high strength wastewater from the site. The Enereau nrPUR     Membrane BioReactor (MBR) was designed to fit inside tight space constraints with a variable depth BioReactor that could accommodate Phase 1 flows and be expanded to achieve Phase 2 volumes without an increase in footprint. By leveraging the advanced treatment capabilities of the Membrane BioReactor (MBR), the site was able to gain permission for subsurface discharge, with the potential to reuse the water onsite during later phases.


MBR Wastewater Treatment System For Craft Breweries

Location: Norwich, UK

Size: 1,500 GPD (6 m3/d)

Industrial Wastewater - Food & Beverage

pH adjustment system for Craft breweries and wineries

Location: New York State, USA

Size: >5,000 USgpd / (20m3/d)

Industrial Wastewater - Food & Beverage

A new destination brewery with a 30,000 sqft buildout (including 8,000 sqft brewhouse) in New York state had the perfect location for their new facility. During the project planning stages it was found that the city would allow the brewery to connect to the local sewer provided the brewery would pre-treat the wastewater prior to municipal discharge. The brewing process can produce effluents ranging from pH of 3 to 12 and as a result the new brewery had strict requirements on pH control. Enereau was commissioned to supply a Pre-Treatment system that could monitor the brewery effluent (>5,000 USgpd / 20m3/d) and adjust pH prior to discharge. The skid mounted pH Control Module was supplied to the brewery and controls the pH of the brewery wastewater to ensure it remains in compliance with municipal guidelines. The system also monitors and records flow and effluent quality data for both internal and external reporting.



Wastewater Treatment System for Craft Brewery

Location: Tivoli, NY, USA

Size: Up to 10,000 GPD (40 m3/d)

Industrial Wastewater - Food & Beverage

A brewery in New York State identified the perfect location for their farm-house brewery. However, being off sewers (Off-Grid) they realized they would have to develop their own wastewater treatment infrastructure to manage the effluent from the brewery. They were also looking for a modular solution that could easily expand from their start-up volume of 2,000 GPD to their long term projections of 10,000 GPD. Enereau supplied a nrPUR     Membrane BioReactor which could support their volumes in year 1 and easily expand with their brewery. The first phase included a buried FRP tank which was sectioned in order to provide the Equalization and BioReactor tankage of the system. Above ground a nrPUR     UF Membrane Filtration Module (MFM) provides the final clarification step before discharge. With the current set-up, the brewery can easily expand production by adding membrane elements to the MFM and increasing the BioReactor volume.

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