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NEW: nrPUR MBR case study

NEW: nrPUR MBR case study, a turn-key, cost effective, decentralized solution for wastewater treatment.

Want to learn more about our waste water solutions for off-grid residential and real estate projects? The nrPUR MBR is one of the most cost-effective turn-key wastewater treatment solutions for small-scale, off-grid applications such as hotels & resorts or commercial & residential real estate development. Whether for a new build or for a brown-field upgrade of an existing technology, such as this case study on a replacement for a no-longer-functional RBC in the British Virgin Islands, Enereau’s nrPUR platform offers a quick Plug ’n Play solution that saves space, saves money and provides a reliable source of reuse-quality water. For your projects across North America and the Caribbean, from less than 1,000 USgpd to over 25,000 USgpd.

To read the FULL case study download here!

Long Bay Case Study
Download • 2.51MB

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