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Tapping into wastewater to unlock the circular economy

On September 5th at Dublin's City West Convention centre, Craig Hotchkies (Managing Director of Enereau EMEA) will lead a talk on how the food & beverage industry can transform its wastewater into a resource and source of competitive advantage. Come by to join in the discussion.

Talk Synopsis:

Over the last few decades, various developments and pressures—regulatory, societal, environmental and technological—have created an increased awareness of the Food & Beverage industry to the issues and opportunities around wastewater. Concurrently, major advances in technology have created the potential not only to mitigate the negative impacts of wastewater but to redefine it as a resource to be mined. As we move forward, our ability to recover valuable resources from wastewater, to harness the energy potential in the spent organics in the stream and to recover almost 100% of the water for diverse reuse applications, will return us to a more natural environmental model where waste is simply fuel for the next process in our ecosystem. In this talk we will explore some of the challenges and opportunities facing the food & beverage sector from the perspective of wastewater, one of the most important renewable resources we have.

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